30-years old with signs and symptoms of a sacral tumor
34-years old with right shoulder pain and a right proximal humerus lesion

February 2023

30-years with minimal right hip and thigh pain

December 2022

42-years old presented with asymmetry of the thighs
A private space for us to converse and connect
16-years old with pain in the leg and a bump proximally, anteriorly

November 2022

Lesions that are "benign" on X-rays and "aggressive" on MRI

October 2022

86-years old with left hip pain

September 2022

A 22-years old felt a hard mass in the popliteal fossa
30-years old felt a non-painful swelling along the dorsum of his hand

August 2022

33-years old with acute-subacute anterior elbow pain
18-years old with distal arm and elbow pain